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Welcome to the Perky Pranksters’ website

The Perky Pranksters books are many things rolled into one, being entertaining and educational as well as encouraging the child to develop many important skills.

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The two cats, Genie and Dapper along with their friend Rex the dog, are not only fictional characters. They are Icelandic through and through, and their storybook tricks and pranks are founded in antics carried out by their real-life counterparts in Iceland.
At present, there are five books in the series in Icelandic, but more will follow with further tales about our pranksters.

The English version of the first book is now available as an interactive storybook for iPad, and more are on their way.

The purpose of the books is to offer entertaining and high-quality material for children, which is not only fun to read but also develops their vocabulary and widens their horizons. The material contains an introduction to verse and rhyming and in some stories the Pranksters take the children to visit places with a geographical or historical interest.
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"All in all, Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country is an extremely educational and fun e-book for children."

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